Business Consultant

Laura Hefta has over 27 years of experience in law, business, government and the military. She has been a subject matter expert in the areas of administrative law, business law, employment law, ethics, labor law, contracts, medical malpractice, health care law, criminal law, intelligence law, banking law, fiscal law, estates and trusts and torts.  Laura’s strategic analysis of complex matters in government and business combined with her diplomatic communication skills has served the military, small businesses, boards, and non-profit organizations the tools they need for success in the 21st Century. Laura has consistently created policy for every organization she has ever served over her extensive career.  Incisive analysis and strategic thinking are her defining strengths. Laura's written products provide valuable strategic guidance for all organizations she serves and provides lasting solutions to vexing problems. 

Laura's past employers include The Department of the Army, (27 years), The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS),( 6 years) and The Office of The Comptroller of  the Currency, (OCC), 11 years. 

In addition, Laura has taught for the Department of the Army, The University of Phoenix and the University of Denver School of Law.  Laura has been an educator  and presenter on various areas of subject matter as stated above and provides quality presentations to any audience she speaks to. Laura is an accomplished public speaker and is able to explain complex issues to a variety of audiences and answer questions with diplomatic skill, humor, compassion and dignity. 

Laura has served as a local magistrate in the Armed Forces acting in a judicial capacity to resolve disputes.  Laura's ability to engage both sides on complex matters, which promote win-win solutions are truly in line with her character as an intellectual, caring and respected leader in conflict resolution matters.

Laura has  a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication from Michigan State University, (B.A) a Juris Doctor from the University of Detroit School of Law, (J.D.) a Masters of Legal Letters in American Banking Law from Boston University School of Law (L.L.M.) and a Master of Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College (M.A). Laura is a current member of the Colorado Bar Association and has lived in Colorado since 2001. 



Engineering consultant

Mark Hefta has over 30 years of experience in civil engineering and environmental engineering.  Major areas of experience include municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment,  pipeline design, master planning. 

Mark's areas of expertise include:  Strategic planning, budgeting,  perform long-range planning  and development, and evaluation of alternatives.  Mark also performs cost development and economic modeling for projects. 

Civil Engineering Design Projects include: Water and Wastewater Treatment, Water and Sewer Line, Water Supply, Landfills, and Other Heavy Construction Projects and  Other Heavy Construction Projects.

 - Prepare and present preliminary design information to client and other regulatory agencies.

- Prepare final design and bidding documents.

- Provide bidding and pre-construction services.

Construction Related Services include: 

- Coordinate construction schedule with Owner and Client.

- Review shop drawings to monitor compliance with construction documents.

- Perform on-site construction observation.

- Review application for payments

Operation of Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Monitoring and Sampling:

- Perform monitoring and regulatory compliance required for proper operation of facility.

- Recommend operation modifications to enhance efficiency of treatment process.

- Prepare and submit required sampling and monitoring, business, government and the military. 

Mark's has worked for  Jacobson Helgoth Consultants, Advanced Engineering,  and Wilson and Company.  Mark's publications are  “Direct Filtration of Garrison Diversion Water” (Master’s Thesis)

Mark has  a Bachelor’s of Science from University of North Dakota in Civil Engineering and a Masters of  Science in Environmental Engineering from University of North Dakota.  Mark is a current member the American Water Works Association, Water and Environmental Federation

and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.